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Adding Social Media Tools to your Journalism Efforts in 2010

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair,
Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

It’s now 2010, and as such, we are all tempted to come up with our resolutions for the year.  I always try to focus my resolutions on work, because it benefits me, financially and skills-wise.  So I saw this post by Brenna Erlich on the Mashable blog — Mashable’s Social Media Guide for Journalists — and thought it could be a great launch pad to create or add to your resolutions.  And with each suggestion, the nice folks at Mashable

First, the post urges you to add social media tools to your belt.  I have the full arsenal (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn), but adding just one this year can help you enhance your journalism.  For example, open up a Twitter account to interact with readers and tap them for story ideas or new sources.

Second, turn your web site into a news community.  We have a comments section on our blogs over at, but sometimes you need more interaction.  So I had myself named as an administrator for the Aviation Week Facebook fan page.  I originally only updated the page during major air shows, conferences and events, but have decided to start posting items of interest regularly and responding to comments.

Third, the post urges you to become a new, new journalist.  Check.  I am an old-school journalist who has had to learn a lot of new tricks in the past four years.  I love my job and I love journalism.  I want to stay in it, so I learn every skill I can to keep myself relevant in the news room.  You can read about my ongoing efforts at my personal blog, Musings of a New Media Maven.

Finally, it urges you to keep looking forward.  We are all busy at our jobs.  I also post this blog and my personal blog.  But I need to keep up, so I have more than 2 dozen media-related sites on my Google Reader, which helps me keep up with the latest news, tools, tips, techniques and innovations.  And I feel it’s my responsibility to pass that information along.

My work resolutions are as follows: to make video a much bigger component of my reporting, use tools like maps (as outlined in the wonderful 10000 Words blog) and timelines (I like Time Rime, but there are others out there) to enhance my stories, work harder to create a news community and last — but not least — putting the final touches on creating my personal brand, which Mashable tells you how to do here.   Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2010!



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