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Friday Fast Five

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair,

Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group
I’m running another 10 Friday Fast Five items because I still need to clean out my folder. Hopefully in 2010, I’ll be able to keep up.  But admit it — you’re happy to get the extra tips, aren’t you?  Here we go.

  1. How to record your mobile, landline and internet telephone calls. I’m so proud that I’m keeping up with my pledge to include one tip from the 10000 Words blog in this weekly post.  Mark Luckie shows us all the options for recording our calls.  It’s a great way to make quick and dirty podcast episodes too.
  2. Try it: Windows Live Writer for blog publishing. The Networked blog has a post on how to use this tool to write posts.  This tool can save you from losing a blog post when your online session times out.
  3. Using WordPress. Thanks to DJTF member and guest blogger Vanessa Deggins for pointing out this great tutorial from the Knight Digital Media Center on how to use the blogging platform.
  4. HootSuite Adds Support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Lists. I am a big fan of using HootSuite to handle my multiple Twitter accounts.  And now that they’ve added links to three other applications I use, according to the Mashable blog, I am dumping TweetDeck forever.
  5. HOW TO: Choose a News Reader for Keeping Tabs on Your Industry. I don’t know what I would do without my Google Reader.  I use it as a feeder for stories in my three passions these days — aviation, journalism and social media.  This Mashable post offers a list of available readers.
  6. The Journalist’s Guide to Maximizing Personal Social Media ROI. OK, here’s another great post from the Mashable blog.  We have been having a discussion on the National Association of Black Journalists listserv on ROI — return on investment — so this post is right on time.  Journalists talk about how they quantify the ROI on their social media efforts.  This comes in real handy when you have to justify your work time using things like Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Six Social Media Trends for 2010. The Harvard Business Publishing blog offers up items including: Social business becomes serious play and Mobile becomes a social media lifeline.
  8. 50+ Free Resources for Writers, Bloggers, And Other Freelancers. The Freelance Folder blog offers a mother lode of resources that are great even if you’re not a freelancer.  Among the items:  Strunk & White’s Elements of Style; the Open Office suite of products; and Evernote, a site that lets you post and access your ideas.
  9. How to Create a Powerful Video Slideshow. The Flip the Media blog offers a great tutorial on exactly how to do this.
  10. 11 Websites to Schedule Your Tweets Online for Free. People always ask me how I find so much time to spend on Twitter.  I don’t — it just looks like it does because I use Hoot Suite to schedule my Tweets.  The TwiTips blog offers 10 other resources that allow you to schedule your own Tweets.


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