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How to Use Coveritlive

By Sherlon Christie, Sports Reporter, Asbury Park Press (N.J.)
Coveritlive has revolutionized the way I cover sports for the Asbury Park Press and it can do the same for you no matter what your beat is and no matter what media company you work for.
Coveritlive is extremely user-friendly, it takes only 3 minutes to set up an account and the best part, it’s FREE! . I started using it in January 2008 and our readers have responded by making the sports blogs the most popular things on our website…bar none.  I use Coveritlive for two main functions:  live chats and live blogging, and I’m sure I’ll come up with someone else in the near future.  Let me give you some examples of my live chats and live blogs.
Now, my focus is sports and Coveritlive taps into the immediacy of sports fans having an opinion on a game. But you can make it work for you no matter what department you work in.  The news department at my paper used Coveritlive on Election Day to get instant feedback from readers who had voted that day. Our news reporters also posted updates on voter turnout and election results. It was a marriage made in heaven as became the multimedia center of New Jersey on that day.
Let’s say your beat is entertainment. You can do a live chat/live blog on the night of one of the many awards shows (Grammys, Oscars, VMAs…etc). You’ll be amazed on the instant feedback you’ll get if you promote the chat on your website or blog well in advance.
Let’s say your beat is business. You can do a live chat/live blog on the big stock market, real estate, fortune 500 story of the day or the week. Find a business topic that your readers/viewers will care about and get them talking with you live.
Let’s say your beat is local government. You can do a live chat/live blog on the next school board, city council, town council meeting if there is a hot topic that night. Live chats for local government tend to work better is there is a controversial topic because that will draw people to your website or your blog.
Let’s say your beat is education. You can do a live chat/live blog on the hot topic of the week in secondary or higher education in your area.
I could go through every department at your news organization and find some way to use Coveritlive to enhance your web presence. The main thing you have to remember is readers/viewers want to have their voices heard and they want to find out information fast. Coveritlive helps you accomplish both of those goals at the same time.
But I think you get the point.  I love Coveritlive and so should you. Sign up for an account. Begin live chats and live blogs. Add this to whatever you do now to keep readers/viewers coming back to your website and your blog.  If you have any specific question about Coveritlive and other uses, e-mail me any time at