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Fitting Social Media into Your Busy Work Day

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair,

Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group
I am one of those people who have embraced social media tools as a part of my every day work product.  The question I get ALL the time is how do you find the time to incorporate social media when I have so much work (weekly newsletter, daily newsletter, daily premium and free web sites and 2 blogs) to do in my “regular” job?

I have always been a multitasker, so I just incorporate it into my daily work flow.  Here’s how.  Let’s say I’m doing a story about layoffs at a business jet manufacturing plant.  Layoffs are a big thing in my industry these days, so I know I need to write up a quick story for our premium web site.  I’ll write that story and use a picture from my Flickr account to illustrate it.  I’ll also send a Tweet with the story headline.  I’ll then write a longer story for the weekly newsletter and come up with a companion blog post at the same time.   And each time I use the story, a Tweet will go out, and if it’s big enough, I’ll also post it on our company Facebook Fan Page.

So the trick is to think beyond just the basic story, think about all the platforms that must be fed and link accordingly.  Social media guru Chris Brogan has a great post on his blog — Prioritize Your Social Media Efforts — that offer some very helpful tips on how you can create your own road map.



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